Credit: what are the favorite cities of Parisian executives?

Want to get some fresh air, leave your Parisian train which rhymes too often with “metro, work, dodo”, to raise your children far from the city … The reasons for leaving are numerous.

Key figures for the Paris basin

  • 36% of French executives live in Paris and 61% live in its suburbs,

  • 57% of executives go to work in Paris and 34% in the suburbs.

And the city that attracts the most executives is …

And the city that attracts the most executives is ...

The Girondine capital is constantly talked about. At the top of all the rankings this year, it attracts Parisian executives more than ever.

The arrival of the LGV is certainly not for nothing . From now on, Bordeaux residents only take 2 hours to reach Paris. Same story for Rennes, which comes 6th in the top 10 of the most attractive cities for executives.

Why leave Paris?

Why leave Paris?

Among other things because the price of stone is very expensive! Especially when you know that the average price per m² almost exceeds 9,000 USD …

But the motivations for leaving are also linked to the quality of life which the respondents consider unsatisfactory (40%) or even not at all satisfactory (15%). And the most dissatisfied are employees of information systems or telecoms (65%), followed by non-managers (60%), parents of two children (60%) or couples (56%).

Transport time and the stress linked to the Paris network concern 68% of respondents. 7 out of 10 executives spend an hour a day in transport … So the desire to save time and relax begins to nest in their minds.

The cost of living in Paris is also a drag (55%), but the need to get closer to nature and have a better environment (especially to start a family?) Are often cited. 45% of executives even declare themselves ready to leave far from the tumult of the capital … Even if it means suffering a drop in salary (56%) or retraining professionally (48%).

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