Credit and funeral: 3 expenses not to be omitted after the death of a loved one

Credit and funeral: 3 expenses not to be omitted after the death of a loved one

When a loved one dies, grief is difficult to overcome. The litany of administrative details for burial or cremation is an additional test that one would do well in such circumstances.

But the last tribute to the deceased is a highlight for the family in order to mourn the disappearance: it can be financed by a personal loan in order to meet the many expenses inherent in this painful moment. It will certainly take the name of “funeral credit”.

1. Evaluate the price of the type of burial chosen

Seemingly less expensive, cremation can sometimes be more expensive than a burial. Thus, according to UFC, in 2017, the average price of a burial in France was 3,350 USD against 3,609 USD for a cremation.

The price of burial varies according to an important fact: if we integrate a family vault, it will be less expensive than if we have to pay a plot to be buried alone. Concerning cremation, the dispersion of the ashes costs on average 500 USD if it takes place in a columbarium.

But it is also possible for loved ones to take the urn with them to disperse the ashes in the wild under certain conditions: it is forbidden to do so in a garden – whether private or public -, a field or even a stream. There too, certain families have vault or the urn can be deposited without problem.

2. Financing the compulsory procedures

Certain steps are inevitable during a burial: it is thus compulsory to deposit the body of the deceased person in a coffin. Prices range from a few hundred USD to several thousand .

The law is strict with regard to certain criteria: the coffin must be 22 millimeters thick, waterproof, equipped with an identification plate and four handles. The transportation of the body after the brewing is also a necessary expense, just like the hearse. In addition, a cremation fee or burial tax and police seals must be paid.

3. Study your budget for optional options

3. Study your budget for optional options

Once the coffin, the tomb and the various procedures are settled, many families decide to organize a ceremony before the burial: this one at a cost which varies according to the places of worship . And to embellish this ceremony, it is customary to arrange flowers or candles and then engrave a souvenir plaque on the tombstone. In order to announce the death of their loved one, some also choose to publish a classified ad in one or more newspapers: the price is fixed according to the number of signs .

Finally, while awaiting this ceremony, one generally chooses to leave the deceased in a funeral chamber and then to provide him with care before being put into beer. All of this also has a variable cost depending on the funeral directors.