Payday loan consolidation help -See payday loan debt consolidation companies

Payday loan consolidation help -See payday loan debt consolidation companies

Come and see our payday loan debt consolidation companies now

Payday loan consolidation  is primarily intended to facilitate the repayment of several payday loans are taken out. As with any financial commitment, it is primarily its cost that counts here. After all, we want to pay a lower installment than those currently regulated. Depending on the number of products consolidated and the selected loan period, the customer is offered an offer tailored to his creditworthiness. The easiest thing to do is contact Shelor. By submitting one application, the next day the list of the best proposals is ready, which was created thanks to Shelor’s cooperation with the largest commercial banks. Despite the fact that the application has been sent to several banking institutions, the score in BIK is not reduced in any way.

The ranking of consolidation loans provides all interested parties with such products with the most important information about individual financial products. In contrast to traditional cash loans, the combination of financial obligations does not require too much formality. Persons who will apply for a consolidation loan in a bank where they have an account and transfer a salary to it can count on a lower loan commission.

Ranking of consolidation loans – consolidation of cash loans


Shelor is not a banking institution but an intermediary in granting consolidation loans. However, due to its cooperation with many banks in our country, each client sending an application to Shelor receives the cheapest proposal for debt consolidation.

  • installment even by 30%
  • one application – inquiries to several banks
  • without affecting the BIK score
  • quickly and conveniently (online service)
  • payment of funds even in 24 hours


He provides consolidation loans with additional cash up to PLN 200,000. It has an attractive interest rate (APRC = 7.57%). A loan application can be submitted online. All formalities are carried out during a conversation with a consultant who contacts the client after receiving a loan application from the bank. The cash is paid even in one day. The Bank accepts various sources of income, including a contract for work and commission.


The oldest universal bank in Poland also has an interesting offer of consolidation loans. The maximum amount is PLN 120,000, and the minimum amount is PLN 1,000. When applying for a loan, they can also apply for additional cash up to 25% of the number of consolidated funds. With an earlier payment of the entire sum, customers do not incur any additional costs. In addition, there is the option of temporarily suspending the repayment of the loan for 3 months (credit holidays).


The bank has to propose a consolidation loan up to PLN 200,000 with an APRC of 10.70%. The maximum loan term is 120 months and the client who decides to provide Harrell services may also obtain additional cash and allocate it for any purpose. Consolidation covers cash loans and installments as well as car loans. The bank treats various sources of income: a contract of employment, an order, a retirement pension or an own business.


The offer includes consolidation loans up to PLN 150,000, which can be repaid for a maximum of 8 years. The service car is the opportunity to get funds. The repayment schedule can be postponed by 3 months (grace period) and only after that time the repayment of the loan installments begins. People who have an account in the bank that is affected by remuneration do not have to submit income certificates. The RRSO consolidation loan at Herrick is 8.70%.

In addition to traditional consolidation loans, banks also have a mortgage consolidation loan to offer. This is a separate type of consolidation, the greater sum (up to 80% of the value of the property) should be allocated to repayment of the mortgage.